The Best Life: Business Accelerator
Go from exhaustion to empowerment and get the momentum for your business 
that you’ve always hoped was possible with this 6-Month Mastermind.
Remember the dream? Those images of you working from home in your casual clothes, a never-ending stream of people who want to pay you money, your magnificent, dream car parked in the garage of the house you purchased for cash, your family bubbling about the next family vacation, etc. etc. etc. 

You know the dream.
But if you’re anything like most entrepreneurs today, the unfortunate reality is:
  • You’re probably not earning your dream income.
  • You probably not tapping into your full potential. 
  • You’re probably not taking dream vacations, driving your dream car or living in your dream house. 
  • You probably don’t have clients or customers pounding on your door, begging to give you money. 
  • You probably don’t have clients or customers sending you tons of amazing referrals and effortlessly growing your business.
  • You’re probably nowhere close to reaching your revenue goals. 
  • And unless something radically changes—you’re probably not going to see your dreams come true anytime soon.
I’ve. Been. There.

Are you scared of going another year and being in the same position—or maybe—in a worse position? (This is the question nightmares are made of.)

I’ve been afraid of the very same thing. In fact, I’ve been right where you are.

I've. Been. There.

I’m Mike and I've been in business for myself for almost two decades. I’ve started over twenty businesses in numerous ventures, and coached and mentored 100 + high-level entrepreneurs. 

But also—I've failed. A LOT. 

For years, I didn’t have the right support, belief system or tools to succeed at my highest level. So I just kept failing over and over again. 

It took me years of studying under the brightest minds in business, such as Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, Dan Sullivan, Russell Brunson and many others, before I began to see radical transformation in my businesses.

That doesn’t have to be your story, though…

I've discovered a growing epidemic of "starving entrepreneurs" who don't know their zones of genius or deepest purpose, who don't know how to structure and grow their ideas into massively successful businesses, and business owners who became entrepreneurs for the sake of freedom, but ended up enslaved to their businesses.
To solve these problems, I created a mastermind of other high-level entrepreneurs to give you not just the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your wildest dreams—but also the tribe to support and encourage you while you're in progress.
Since this is a high-level mastermind group, Accelerator applicants are asked to partake in an in-depth application process so I can evaluate if you are a good fit for this group—and if we are a good fit for you.
Six Figure Fast Track To Success
This community is rich with entrepreneurs who have found the keys they've needed to transition from slaves to leaders of their business!
Here are just a few of their stories...
Accelerated learning happens by immersion. Sometimes hour-long calls once every few weeks are helpful, but they rarely help people make major leaps. I’ve found that the best way to accelerate rapid growth is to develop closeness and proximity to a high-level tribe and create an immersive learning experience.  

At Best Life: Business Accelerator, you get to be a part of:
  • Two high-level, immersive weekends in luxury locations
  • Monthly Zoom calls with me, your new tribe & expert guest speakers such as best-selling authors and 6, 7, and 8 figure entrepreneurs.
What does the program look like? 
  • One weekly, two-hour coaching call and hot seats 
  • One live in-person Entrepreneur Summit event in May, 2019 or September, 2019 (Your choice of which event to attend and a $2000 value.) 
  • Membership into Digital Marketer HQ ($2500 value)
  • Private slack group with hands on support from me and my team ($2500 value)
  • Access to my most advanced tools and resources (that my clients pay $25,000 + for)
  • Countless additional books and resources ($1000 value)
Additional topics that will be covered in bonus sessions:
  • Creating and launching a podcast
  • Developing a visual brand identity that is congruent 
  • Getting your first press feature
  • Developing a high-level group coaching program
  • How to write and publish a book
A few ways in which I'm going to help you shift from being run by your business to running it.
Identifying and attracting your core client, your top 4% and your raving fans.
Discovering your unique Zone of Genius-which is where your $1000 or $10,000 per hour activities.
Creating an irresistible offer that makes it easy for your ideal client to say yes.
Structuring a referral strategy so that your best clients or customers send you more people like them.
Clarifying your message and story so that it resonates strongly with your audience.
Giving you connection with entrepreneurial peers.
Letting you in on advanced sales and marketing secrets. 
Helping you architect a business you find fulfilling—from the ground-up.
How to Know This Isn’t Right for You: 
  • You’re happy and content with your current revenue.
  • You have enough clients and/or customers.
  • You don’t want to grow your business any further.
  • You already know everything you need to know about online marketing.
  • You have an excellent referral system with raving fans who talk about you constantly.
  • You have enough people who believe in you and give profound insight into your business. 
  • You’re completely living up to your potential.
  • ​You have an extraordinary life quality and you're functioning at near 100% of fulfillment.
  • You are tired of being exhausted, overwhelmed, an over-the-top hustler or just a broke entrepreneur. (Or maybe all of those things!) 
  • You truly believe that there is a lot more inside you.
  • You need concise clarification on what your business is missing.
  • You need more revenue and more raving fans, clients and customers. 
  • You’re ready for massive growth. 
  • You want to know the expert’s secrets to online marketing and structuring your business for success from a foundational level.
  • You want to be in a different place one year from now: a place of empowerment, unbelievable revenue, predictable growth and fulfillment beyond your wildest dreams. 
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